Good Bye Vacation Relation, Hello Tripl

June 21, 2011

In December 2010 we launched Vacation Relation with the mission to connect like minded travelers. After months of learning, fundraising, team building, and developing we are happy to announce our new company and social travel tool .  Tripl will take social travel to a new dimension and make the world feel like a smaller place when traveling. We are looking to launch soon so sign up for our beta and follow our story at our new blog. Hope to see you soon! 


Lots of news ahead….but we’re hiring!

January 21, 2011

More info to come but if you are interested send us a mail to

Jobs Available:

Fulltime Junior Front End Developer

Fulltime Junior Back End Developer

Part-time online community leader (Facebook, Twitter, Blog)

We’ve made some changes!

January 7, 2011

We’ve made it much easier for new and existing users to add their upcoming trips! We have combined 4 pages of steps into 1 single page. Here is a description of some changes we have made which you can see in the picture.

1) New users don’t have to fill in missing Facebook information on a separate page and are only prompted when information is actually missing.

2) Users can select their friends or family directly after letting us know who they are going with. No more separate page for inviting guests.

3) We’ve change our buttons from gray to bright blue! We also highlight data fields with a blue border.

4) Users no longer have to go to a separate page to agree to our terms and conditions. Simply check the box and off you go.

5) After adding their trips they are brought right to vacation’s homepage. No more welcome screen.

Hope you guys enjoy the changes. We are continuously
working to make our product better and more social. Stay tuned for some upcoming upgrades! Don’t forget to enter yourself in our contest with Solresor located here.

First Official Partner Up: Athens, Greece!

December 14, 2010

Ancient Past, Trendy Future

Athens takes social media to the next level with Vacation Relation

Athens, Greece is usually known for it’s ancient relics and historical significance and not its breakthroughs in social technologies. Well Athens just got a whole lot cooler through our recent partnership to provide users with a feature that is fresh and bold! The city’s official tourism website,, now provides it’s visitors with the ability to find out WHO else will be visiting Athens on their vacation just by using their current Facebook accounts.

Like many world famous cities, Athens has realized the importance of having a strong branded web presence and has now put themselves ahead of the curve in terms of progressive online marketing. If you have been following recent trends, it seems every city these days has a Facebook and Twitter account. This all seems great but why not try to connect visitors so they can share information, provide useful hints, and plan meetups together. I mean they are all just excited about their upcoming vacation as you are! Athens is a city full of vibrant young fun, which fits Vacation Relation’s personality perfectly.

So what are some trendy areas to explore with your new found friends? The first spot you should go to escape the normal tourist traps is the Psiri neighborhood which is full of colorful locals. Here you will find plenty of hip dive bars that may seem a little cramped at times but that does not stop the dancing. These places are usually full of live music until late at the night.

If art is your thing be sure to pass by Pireos Street which is full of abstract and bold graffiti that resembles a Mediterranean version of Berlin’s East Side Gallery. This stop will surely make for some cultural pictures especially for that new Facebook profile picture!

Another upcoming neighborhood is found just outside Syntagma metro station. Lekka street is the host of some really cool spots and only a few steps away is a pedestrian area where you can indulge yourself with a fresh drink in an open air environment.

Be sure to check out all of Athen’s cool new scenes and find some great people to explore them with using Vacation Relation!

Hello World, Hello Media

December 13, 2010

Wow what a way to launch! We have been getting tons of media attention and we are really grateful to everyone who has helped spread the word. We’ve decided to produce an online file that we will keep updated of any articles about us that have been printed! The document can be found here. We are currently working on making a few changes to make the user experience even better. Feel free to drop us a line on our Twitter or Facebook accounts if you have any other suggestions. Happy holidays! 


December 1, 2010

We have officially launched our beta site!!!!

Finally a picture from TIS has emerged!

November 30, 2010